Can I Use My Personal Instagram For My Business?

If you’re a small business, or you’re simply a one-person show, you may be used to advertising your products or services here and there on your personal social media pages. But, as your business grows, it’s important to reconsider how to use these platforms to your advantage. In this blog, we’ll discuss if it is appropriate to blend your business with your personal Instagram account, and how you can turn this personal account into a central digital marketing tool for your business.

Is My Personal Instagram Appropriate for Business Matters?

This is a multifaceted question that has a few answers. First, it all depends on what you’ve traditionally used your personal Instagram for. Are you an influencer or someone with a high following? Is this one of your primary ways to connect with friends and family? Do you have a track record of posting content that’s not so business-friendly?

If you are an influencer or have a high social following, your brand or business is likely synonymous with your person. Therefore, it can be easy to blend your usual social posts with a variety of content geared toward receiving conversions for your business. This is also helpful because your established digital presence allows your business to reach a wide audience, whereas starting a new business account from scratch may take some time to gain traction.

If you tend to post content that is more fun than professional, and you have a lot of content attached to your profile, you may want to consider creating a business profile specifically for your company. This way, you can continue posting as you please and can even make your account private to provide some distance between your personal life and your business.

How Can I Turn My Personal Instagram into a Business Account?

To turn your personal Instagram into a business account, you go to the “Settings and activity” tab. Then you tap, “Account type and tools”, and then, “Switch to a professional account”. From here on out, your account will be a business profile, and you’ll have access to a “Professional Dashboard” that contains a variety of tools, insights, and resources.

Do I Have To Remove My Old Content?

Removing your old content is at your discretion. Thankfully, with Instagram, there’s no need to fully delete your old posts. You can archive them with the option to restore them to your profile at a later time. If you’re an influencer, or if your brand is tied into your personal life, feel free to keep your old content up! However, if you’d like some distance between you and your business, archive your posts and only post about your business from now on. In either case, remove posts that give personal information you don’t want strangers to see, such as clear pictures of your house, your vehicle’s license plate, or your children.

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