PC Search Goes the Way of the Dodo Bird

According to recent data, it was back in 2013 that search queries on desktops hit their highest. The latest search rankings from comScore were released earlier this week and the data, although there isn’t much significant difference in month-over-month changes, is still important to dissect.

The Big-Name Search Engines

ComScore rounded up the query data from the five “major” search engines and continued to monitor downward search trends for Ask, AOL and Yahoo. The decreases were marginal, although Bing saw a slight uptick in search queries, while Google also gained more searches over the month of February.

Based on the data from comScore from 2009 to present, queries on the PC topped out in 2013, and Google’s search data seems to be in agreement with this trend. Google owns an estimated 90% of the mobile search market and claims that mobile search now exceeds desktop in over 10 countries. However, due to insufficient (read: undisclosed) information, we assume that Google is seeing some significant mobile search numbers, perhaps 20 billion search queries every month.

What Does this Mean for SEOs?

Google did mention earlier this month that another mobile algorithm update is rolling out later this spring, and they must be doing this for good reason. Clearly users are more engaged with their mobile devices than previously thought. The new algorithm update will continue to push non-mobile friendly sites to the bottom of the SERPs and reward those who are more navigable on phones and tablets. Not quite sure how to make your site mobile friendly? We suggest contacting a qualified SEO company to help you through the process in order to improve online visibility for the new age of search.


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