Part 3: Top Ways to Optimize Your PPC Account

Over the past couple days, we have been expanding on the best ways to save money on your PPC Campaign. Part 1 covered working on negative keywords, long-tail keywords, keyword match types and keyword bids. With Part 2 we dug into the importance of A/B testing, breaking out ad groups and pausing poor-performing keywords.

For the final part of our 3-part serious I wanted to discuss three more tactics that you can use within your AdWords campaign to maximize results.

Alter Landing Pages: If you have followed the steps above and still aren’t getting the conversions you need, it could be a problem with your set landing page. If users are coming to your page and can’t find what they want, they won’t convert. You should make sure that the keywords in your ads are relevant to the ones on your page.

Device/Location/Time of Day Performance: Your ads performance may differ depending on the device, location and time of day. You can go into campaign settings and make bid adjustments for segments that you are performing well in.

Branded Campaign: Creating a branded campaign is usually a great way to get traffic at a very low cost. The traffic coming to your site is also highly motivated to convert because they already know your brand and they are looking for you.

After utilizing each of our tips within the three part series, you will be sure to see results you’re looking for.

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