Part 2: Top Ways to Optimize Your PPC Account

Yesterday, we gave you some simple and useful tips on how to save money on your Pay Per Click Account. We elaborated on long tailed keywords, negative keywords, keyword match types, and keyword bids.

Here are m0re helpful tips on how to successfully optimize your PPC account:

  • Close Your A/B Tests: One of the best ways to optimize your PPC account is running split A/B tests. However, if you let these tests run too long it could result in running an ad that is under-performing. Try to check your A/B tests every few weeks or at least once a month to ensure you have sufficient data. It’s important to declare a winner on these tests so you can claim extra clicks and leads.
  • Create New Ad Groups: It’s not the best idea to gather all of your keywords into one ad group, having multiple ad groups can help manage your different types of campaigns. Try to put your keywords into specific groups, but you should have no more than 20-30 keywords per ad group.
  • Stop Poorly-Performing Keywords: If you’re running a keyword for a long period of time  and acquire enough data to realize that it’s a poor performing keyword, pause it. There is really no use for these type of useless keywords that will ultimately give your poor results. You want to make sure that accruing the traffic you are looking for, you don’t want this to damage your click-through rate and Quality Score.

Try to avoid these common mistakes that most people use with their Google AdWords account. These tips can help you optimize your campaign and give you the best results. Keep an eye out for part three coming soon!

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