Panda 4.1 Winners and Losers

The early results are out and the big losers from the most recent Panda update are websites in the games, lyrics and medical content realms. Winning websites are mostly found in news, content and download portals websites. To some things up, those sites that have thin content are more likely to be losers with the Panda 4.1 update. reportedly lost 40% of their SEO visibility from 286,956 to 172,836. Hallmark also saw a large dip in traffic after the Panda 4.1 update. Search Matrix provides a list of monitored websites for traffic changes due to the latest Panda update. Visit Search Matrix for a complete list of the winners and losers from the most recent Panda update.

How to avoid being penalized by Panda?

The short answer is to continue to produce unique content written for the readers of your website and not designed to target the search engines. Using unnecessary terms simply for SEO purposes is a poor practice. Continue to produce with written content and your website will not have to worry about the next time Google rolls out a new Panda update.


By Matthew Wilkos



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