Overview on AMP’s (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

As mobile search continues to dominate the market share of search queries performed on the web, accelerated mobile pages are becoming ever more prevalent. Here at Boston Web Marketing, we see this trend not slowing down any time soon. We wanted to write a blog reviewing what accelerated mobile pages are, what they can be used for, and updates for these types of pages in 2019. Continue reading to learn more about Accelerated Mobile Page or AMP for short!

AMP Defined

Google created an open-source framework allowing marketers and webmasters across the internet the ability to use this framework to create these pages. Google’s reason behind this was to improve user experience across the web and creating an open-source platform to do so made the most sense. AMP’s are essentially a copy of an existing web page that can load fast for mobile devices. They load faster due to removing aspects of the page that take long to load and only presenting the text of a page in a clean format. An AMP will not load a sites menu, images, or any additional JavaScript that can slow down a pages download speed.

You can identify an Accelerated Mobile Page by looking at the URL of a webpage on a search result. Next to the URL, if you see a grey lightning bolt, that’s an AMP!

Best Uses for Accelerated Mobile Pages

Initially, Accelerated Mobile Pages where meant for long news articles or blogs. This made sense as individuals that are trying to read content over the web on mobile generally abandon a page if it takes to long to load. While this applies across most pages on the web, if a user is casually reading and there is long load time, they will most certainly abandon the page. More recently, AMP’s have been utilized in the E-commerce space.

Boston Web Marketing: Offering Accelerated Mobile Page Solutions

Do you have a website attracting users based on your content but seeing a high bounce rate on mobile? Are your E-commerce site’s sales slowing down due to mobile loading speeds? Do you have questions regarding Accelerated Mobile Page’s and how they can be implemented within your online strategy? If you had any of these questions, call Boston Web Marketing today! We have worked with various clients across multiple industries and can help your business get found quickly on the web.

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