How Outbound Links Help Your Website in Search Rankings?

A key factor in improving one’s Search Rankings for a website is increasing the number of links pointing back to your website.  Here at Boston Web Marketing, we wanted to write a blog on the topic and highlight some of the best practices when increasing the backlinks pointing to your site.

Listing Sites

One way to increase the number of links pointing back to your website is manually submitting your businesses/website information to a variety of listing sites across the web. The web is full of listing sites and more are created each and every day. Some well-known examples of listing sites include Yelp, Trip Advisor,  and Houzz. Depending on what type of business you own and the industry you are a part of, there are specific listing sites for said industries.  A simple google search of your industry+ listing directory, will provide you a variety of sites you can submit your business information, including a link back to your site. As a general best practice, you will want to start with listing sites with the most domain authority first.

Social Media Backlinks

Even if you think your business won’t benefit from a social media presence, creating social media profiles for your business will improve the backlinks directed to your site. Social media sites are often seen as domains with high authority so these are important to add. Once you created the profile, try and create a post each week with links pointing back to a product, service, or about us page to engage with your followers!

Great Content= More Backlinks

Creating relevant, expert content on your website is the best way to naturally gain quality backlinks for your web presence. From blogs to FAQ pages, users across the internet looking for answers can feature links from your site to support their point. You can monitor backlinks from reviewing Google Search Console!


Ensuring your information is consistent across the web is extremely important for SEO. Since Google and other Search Engines want to provide an accurate and reliable service to users, if your website, social media profiles, and listings sites convey different information, it is less likely your site will be presented in search results. Make sure your Business Name, Phone Number, and Address are all EXACTLY the same across the web for best results!

Boston Web Marketing: Improving Search Results through Back Link Creation

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