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Everyone knows that a good number of backlinks is not going to hurt you in the search results, but did you realize that outbound links can also help your site get more recognition from the search engines?


Here’s why:

Content, content, content.   We keep talking about the Google Panda changes which are very hot on good, high-quality content.  One way to enrich the content on your site is to link to other sites which have valuable supplemental or additional information that supports your subject matter.  Links to other sites encourage reciprocal links to your site.  That’s all good.  Active sites that refer users elsewhere when they need more or other related information are also more likely to merit inclusion on other lists and blogs that cover similar or referential content.

Another benefit to providing outbound links can be return visitors.  While your goal isn’t to send people away from your content, it never hurts to have people keep returning to it because it is a helpful resource for other information.  Google considers this usage quality activity in its algorithm.

So next time you are working on your site, consider adding some outbound links as well.  They just may end up helping you.

-Donald MacMelville

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