Original Reporting, News Gathering Gets Search Engine Boost

It looks like more and more original publishers, journalists, and content writers related to newsworthy reporting could see a new boost in their SEO rankings, according to the latest company updates from Google. This may allow original reporters and some content writers to reap the benefits of SEO and search visibility.

Per Gingras, he explains that individuals need better resources to find more credible sources of information in a more streamlined medium. The updates are focused, again, on user interaction improvements and user-facing features when looking for original content via search engines. He says:
In today’s fast-paced world of news, the original reporting on a subject doesn’t always stay in the spotlight for long. Many news articles, investigations, exclusive interviews or other work can be so notable that they generate interest and follow-up coverage from other publications. And in other cases, many stories cover a single news development, with all of them published around the same time. This can make it difficult for users to find the story that kicked everything off.
Gingras also explains that users deserve more high-quality storytelling elements within written content that help users fully understand what is happening in the world. Based on the recent announcement, news-worthy topics are not entirely limited to hot-bed topics like politics. Reporters and writers that focus on topics including movies, pop culture, technology, health, science, and any other news-related topics are likely to benefit from the new changes.

What do the changes mean for businesses and other types of content writers?

Most of the changes are likely to filter out fake news sites and other types of non-credible sources of news information to ensure that search engine users get truthful and accurate news updates. However, many accredited news organizations that rely on original, fact-based reporting are likely to see a significant boost in their page rankings on new news-based content.

For businesses, the changes suggest that using more fact-based links, sources, and reporting sources like government agencies could help improve SEO on original content. However, the new changes are fairly novel and can’t be fully determined until a few months down the line.

Still, original content will continue to provide a significant SEO boost for businesses that continue to invest in their content marketing strategy.

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