What are Organic Search Opportunities for Local Businesses?

Local marketing for small businesses is a key opportunity when developing a plan for your marketing journey. To obtain authority on search engines, you need to take some key beginning steps. The COVID pandemic placed more of an emphasis on digital marketing since most businesses were no longer receiving foot traffic. Continue reading to learn more about organic search opportunities for local businesses. 

Google My Business

Google’s Local 3 Pack provides a ton of traffic for businesses that show up for specific queries. The companies that show up rely primarily on their proximity to the user, and it can be challenging to rank here. To improve your local search opportunity and how highly you rank, start with these beginning tasks:

  • Include a detailed and original description of your business and the products or services you provide in your GMB profile
  • Add your website, phone number, business name, and address to the profile manually. Google will often just pull this from other sources, so adding it yourself can improve the accuracy. 
  • Add photos and videos of your business, the employees, and products.
  • List all products and services in the appropriate section to help you rank for searches that include these keywords.
  • Keep your business categories as relevant to your business as possible.

Also, be sure to reply to all reviews that come in, whether they are positive or negative. Google will also penalize your listing if they find you are being dishonest. This includes many reviews left in a short time, suspicious activity from employees leaving positive reviews, and reviews that are repeated on other businesses. 

Some best practices include asking customers to leave a review through your website or social profile, including a QR code on your business card that leads to reviews, or investing in ads on Google Maps if that is within your budget.

Claim Citations on Additional Sites

Claiming your business on other sites can not only increase your reach among users, but they may also rank for additional searches. Besides Google My Business, some top websites to claim your business on include Yelp, Bing, Facebook, Apple Maps, LinkedIn, Better Business Bureau, and MapQuest. 

Ensure that your business information is correct throughout all of these sites. Fill out each of these profiles completely (just like Google My Business) and monitor them for reviews regularly to give them all replies. 

Create a Local Content Strategy

An effective local content strategy is key to converting customers and creating new customers who did not know they needed you. Some examples of this can include location-specific problems that your business can solve or that depend on the season or specific events. Examples can be a Jackson, Mississippi hairdresser producing content around hairstyles in the humidity. 

Additional local content examples can include tourism or local vacations related to your business, local events, or partnerships. The “People Also Ask” section of Google is a great way to determine local content ideas. 

The object is to try and answer questions or provide value for users through your business. 

Improve Organic Search Opportunities with Boston Web Marketing

Search marketing is an effective way to gain more traffic and sales if you have a proper strategy in place. The experts at Boston Web Marketing are here to help you develop your organic search strategy and increase your authority on search engines! Improve your local business search opportunities today!

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