Order IDs Used To Reduce Double-Conversion Counting In AdWords

New tracking IDs can now be included into your AdWords conversion tracking to prevent against duplicate conversions.

For those that are unaware, online marketers track conversions within Google Analytics & Google Adwords to monitor their progress. Tracked conversions can be set as any sort of website action that is desirable by the company. One important tracking feature includes knowing when someone either fills out an online contact form or making an online purchase.

We are able to track this action by redirecting someone to a thank you page when they hit “submit”. One small issue that can occur is if a customer returns to the thank you page or reloads it, the conversion will be tracked a second time.

With the new ability to edit your conversion tag, a second duplicate conversion will not be tracked. Each conversion tag can capture a unique ID, so Google will know if it has been reloaded.

Before you get started, there will be a few thing you’ll need:

  • Conversion tracking set up: To get started, you will need to set up a conversion action within Google AdWords. After set up, you can then add the conversion tag to your site.
  • Unique order IDs: Each conversion must have a unique order ID. The IDs can include numbers, letters or special characters. The ID must also not include any person information such as the customer’s last name.
  • You will need to edit the code on your site: You will have to edit the website to insert the order ID into the conversion tracking.

For further instructions on how to add the code, click here.

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