Optimizing YouTube Videos

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? That’s right, think about it, anytime someone wants to learn how to tie a tie, or change a tire, or even play an instrument, they turn to YouTube for helpful video guides and tutorials. Reading a list of steps just doesn’t get the job done, people like to visualize, and that is why YouTube is so popular! If you’re a growing business, creating an optimized YouTube channel can be an excellent way to gain the exposure you need and increase your traffic. It may be confusing at first on how to get your YouTube channel up and running but follow these steps and soon your videos will be up for the world to see!

Creating your Channel

Creating your own YouTube Channel is remarkably simple. Sign in to YouTube and click on the user icon at the top right of the page. Then hit create a new channel and fill out the options. If it is for a business, you’ll want to make that the name of your channel and hit create. Next, there will be information to fill out and this is a great area to describe your brand and to include contact information for your business and links back to your site.

Uploading Videos

Once you have all your business information filled out, and have appropriate summaries and photos added to your profile, here comes the fun part, uploading videos! A great first video to upload is one that fully captures the essence of your business and brand. A video that can effectively communicate your ideas to viewers and excite them to watch more! Uploading videos is also quite simple, once you’re in your profile dashboard, you’ll see the upload video option right there. So now you know how to upload a video, but you’re not done yet!

Optimize Videos

Optimizing your videos on YouTube is one of the most important steps. YouTube is a search engine, and like Google, YouTube uses a unique algorithm to rank its content, so optimizing your videos to best align with YouTube’s algorithm is the best way to ensure your videos rank well! There are a few ways to best optimize your YouTube videos, each video will have a section for video description and tags. Filling out these sections using relevant keywords is an essential step in the video optimization process. You can also add closed captioning on your video and call to actions on screen!

Once you have created a YouTube channel, it is important to stay up to date with video posting and consistently post and promote them across social media platforms as well. If you need assistance creating a YouTube channel or optimizing your videos, contact Boston Web Marketing today!

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