Optimizing Your Website Menu for SEO

Website navigation can make or break your website as the first impression is important when it comes to user experience. Here we have addressed a couple of important key points on how to optimize your menu for both users and for SEO.
So how do you create a “perfect menu”?
Of course, there is no template for the perfect menu, if there was everyone would be doing it. Much of it depends on what your goals are. Questions you should be asking yourself when optimizing your website menu: What is the best menu structure for my site? What menu items should at least be in my menu?
Keep menu items to a minimum.
If you have too many links on your top, primary, side menu, you are losing people through your cluttered links. What is supposed to be an easy navigation will turn into a challenge to locate the important information and users will leave your site.
Simplify menu text.
We often see people adding unnecessary words when they can be shortened. “About”, “Services”, “Contact”, etc., will give a clear message and guide your readers to locate the information that they need.
Keep in mind that around 25% of your audience will contact you based on how easy it was to locate the information, how well-organized manner your site is as for them, navigation has got to be simple, obvious, and meet expectations for a user experience.

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