Optimizing Your Web Pages

Web Design is all the rage these days, as consumers, we have the ability to create our own websites with the click of a button. Technology has allowed website design to be a turnkey process for even those who have no technical prowess. With this rise in accessibility, it is easier than ever to start an online business. The main questions here is, now that your website is up and running, is it driving enough traffic to your site to make you stand out above your competitors? For some quick tips and tricks to optimizing your web pages read on!


Whether your site is 5 days old or 5 years old it is important to know that Google is a tool that learns based on marketers and evolving SEO practices. With that said what was golden 5 years ago may actually be hurting your website. It is generally a good rule of thumb to review your website every year to see where to improved and that all of your content is accurate and up to date. This is important as Google uses “Crawlers” to read every page on your site, and in turn, it shares relevant information to users searching for your product.


Headings are a quick way to optimize your web pages as like a heading in real life it gives the user text that they should focus on. This blog is a great example of what a web page should look like as it includes a page Title “Optimizing Your Web Page” with content separated by Headers. These Headers give both Google and the user a quick idea of what the following content contains. This allows users to find the specific information they are looking for fast, which in turn can result in a sale or a customer spending more time on your site.

Service / Product Pages

It might seem easy to list all of your services on one page and call it a wrap. However, you might actually be hurting yourself in the long run by adopting this practice. Google generally appreciates a site with lots of content and pages, for example, a site with 5 pages, might not perform as well as a site with 30 pages. This might seem like a lot for your product or services but this gives you the ability to provide as much information as possible on any given topic, and subtopic and so forth.

An example of a healthy service page would be along the lines of having an individual page for each good or service. An example of this would be having a “Plumbing page” which links to a page of full “Plumbing service offered page”, and then an additional inner page for “Drain Cleaning,” this way when someone Googles a plumber in your area, Google acknowledges the depth of your site and is more likely to put your page at the top search result.

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