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In addition to optimizing your twitter profile there are many ways that you can optimize your tweets to try to help increase click throughs to your tweets. One way to think of optimizing a tweet is looking at it as a shortened meta description. Part of your goals in tweeting should be including keywords in your headline or phrase that draw in a twitter user’s attention.

In regards to the structure of your tweets the best outline is:

  1. Headline or phrase – write about what your tweet is in regards to with keywords included
  2. Link – provide a link to the article or page you are tweeting about
  3. Hashtag(s) – these are similar keywords

When using hashtags try not to use any more than 3 has tags per tweet. Additionally do not start a tweet with a hash tag, it tends to appear more like spam rather than an actual quality tweet. To find a hashtag simply perform a search within twitter for the subject you are tweeting about.

The last way to optimize your tweets as a whole is to have a healthy mix of tweets that involve not only your business but also your personality and real voice. Add in occasional tweets that you are a real person and not just a business in order to engage with follower.   See also Optimizing Your Google Places Page.


By Jeffrey Pucko

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