Optimizing Your Squarespace Website for SEO

Just like any other website builder platform, Squarespace allows you to customize your site in several ways to ensure it’s fully optimized for Search Engines. While the platform itself has several that will automatically optimize your pages, such as built-in mobile optimization and built-in meta tags, there are several other manual steps you’ll want to take to fully optimize your site. If you’re having trouble getting your Squarespace site found for certain keywords, we have some tips to help improve your site’s visibility on search engines! 

Differentiate SEO Titles & Navigation Titles

Titles are a crucial part of your SEO, as they provide you the opportunity to include relevant keywords that inform the users and search engines what that page is about. It’s important to understand the difference between SEO titles, navigation titles, and page titles before you begin. The SEO title is what appears in search engines and browser tabs, and gets indexed by Google. These will typically be about 60 characters, allowing you to optimize with several keywords. In comparison, the navigation titles, which are the links that appear on your menu, should be short and straightforward, typically 1-2 words, such as “about” or “blog.” Your page titles can be a little longer than the navigation menus, to give a little better idea of what the page will be about. It’s important to take advantage of all 3 of these titles to get more keywords on your site and allow the search engines to fully understand what content is on that page.

Add Keywords Strategically

While you want to be careful to not “keyword stuff,” there are many places throughout a Squarespace sight that will allow you to include keywords.  First, you’ll want to brainstorm a list of keywords that will be relevant to your brand. Think about your products, your competitors, and the target audience that you’re trying to reach. Take the few words that initially come into your mind, and type these into Google to see what other related keywords come up. Once you’ve compiled your list, there are several places these can be implemented on your Squarespace site. In addition to your Titles, you can add them to headings, alt text on images, URL page slugs, and throughout your content. 

Start a Blog

Adding a blog to any Squarespace site is simple. Using their templates, you can create well-optimized content for users and search engines to see. Frequently posting to your blog shows search engines that your site is active, and may have relevant content for users to see, giving you a potential boost in the search results. 

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