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Why You Should Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Did you know that roughly 5% of Google My Business views result in customer action? Now I know what you are thinking. Only 5%? But, when you take a deeper dive into the numbers, 5% is a 25% increase from 2017 to 2018. Let’s take an inside look at the numbers and why customers are continually using Google My Business to their advantage.

Behind the Numbers of Google My Business

A business is found on average 1,009 times per month through their Google My Business listing which comes out to roughly 33 times per day. (75% of the queries coming from search and the other 25% coming from Google Maps) That means you have 33 opportunities every single day to make a good impression on viewers.

Google My Business is a great way to show quick and valuable information to customers so that they don’t have to dig through your website to try and find it. In the end, the goal is to drive conversions and if you aren’t using Google My Business then you are missing out.

On average, 59 of the searches for your business lead to a viewer taking action whether it be a click to your website, a call, or a direction request.

How Should You Optimize your Google My Business listing?

First off, you MUST have all of your company information. Your phone number, address, website, and hours of operation are all necessities. Adding information about your business, like a company description as well as products or services is also a good idea. If you can get customers to write reviews, try and do so. Nothing says how good your business is like a 5-star review that everyone can see!

With all that being said, one of if not the biggest trends in Google My Business is the addition of photos. The more photos you have of your products or services, the more customers can see what your business is all about. For example, hotels are some of the leaders in Google My Business listing views. The median number of images a hotel has on its Google My Business listing is 150 in comparison to the medium number across all categories which is 11.

Why You Should Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Google My Business listings make finding your company information easy. The more information you have you, the better understanding viewers are going to have about what your business does and potentially, if you have reviews, how others perceive it as well. The overarching goal is to help drive conversions. If you have a plethora of photos and information highlighting what your business does, you can have people picking up the phone to call you before they even begin searching through websites.

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