Optimizing Wix For The Results You Want

There are over 200 million people that trust Wix when it comes to their sites.  That is a big turn out when it comes to sites and their content.  With that being said truly knowing the ins and outs of Wix can be the difference that you need to optimize your site.  Here are some tips that you may not realize that will play into how you can better optimize your Wix site.

Place Content Inside of Strips

When you are inside of your Wix site you can utilize the strip features to create responsive functionality.  Filling the strip with as much content as you can is recommended.  So, what exactly is a strip?  A strip is an element that allows you to create a new section on your website.  However, since a strip is a full-length element that stretches the length of the screen, it needs to be responsive to function properly.

Since a strip is responsive, all content that is placed inside is also responsive.  No matter if it is an image, text, or a heading.  You can even create a blank strip to easily create columns for different content elements.  Strips will automatically adjust to varying screen sizes to fit all pages and devices.

Understand The Platforms Logic

Having a full understanding of the platforms functions can help you take advantage of all the features.  This will ensure that you are working more efficiently to optimize.  There are three places that your the bulk of your Wix work will take place.  The pages within Wix editor, the pages within the Wix dashboard, and the SEO settings within the Wix dashboard.  In a nutshell static pages can be handled in the Wix Editor, and vertical pages can be managed on Wix dashboard.

The two page types are created in different ecosystems: The Wix Editor and the Wix dashboard.  For SEO purposes you can find the SEO Panel whenever you decide to manage a page.  For main editor pages, the SEO Panel is found in the page settings menu.  Within this tab there is an advanced SEO option that allows you to set your tags, structured data etc.  Another aspect to keep in mind while using the SEO Panel is that whatever  you input will over ride any folder level pattern that was set.

When To Utilize Manuel Page Caching

Automatic page caching is a great way to improve your page load time.  Wix is great at automatically caching most pages.  Even if those pages are ever changed it will be tracked to be re-cached again.  One issue with all of this is if there is content on the page that will be effected by automatic caching.  For example,  a stock price widget will get lost or any other real time information.  Wix will see this and not be able to fully understand the functionality of said widget and will forgo caching the page.

If this is a case for you, you should look to turn on manual caching which can be found inside the page settings in Wix Editor.


One of the most important things to consider is how to leverage the little things that Wix offers.   Wix is interesting when it comes to SEO due to the fact that it was built with multiple audiences in mind.  One of them being people with little to no SEO background.  There are safeguards that are built into some of the tools designed for more advanced users. These safegaurds allow SEO pros catch errors while working on Wix sites and effectively optimize.

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