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Video SEO is something that is constantly evolving. It is essential to stay up to date to optimize best practices for video search engine optimization! If you are not staying current with the best practices, you may be getting poor video performance. Today, YouTube’s algorithm works for each person to deliver what they would be most likely to watch and enjoy. In this post, you will learn the steps of how to optimize video SEO.


Like Google, YouTube focuses on bringing its users the most relevant results according to keyword queries and what is being searched! Videos on YouTube are ranked based on factors such as title, description, video content, and more. Optimizing your video SEO will allow your videos to perform better on YouTube!

Titles and Thumbnails

One of the first things viewers see when browsing for videos on YouTube is titles and thumbnails. These two aspects help viewers decide what they’re going to watch, and they help build anticipation. You want your titles and thumbnails to represent what your video is about accurately. Suppose they don’t deliver what the title and thumbnail show, most viewers will leave. There are some best practices to follow with titles and thumbnails. Your videos must-have titles that spark curiosity are no more than 60 characters, leading to viewers watching. For thumbnails, these are typically the first thing viewers see. Having custom thumbnails that are strong, vibrant, and convey essential information about your video will lead to a good performing video on YouTube!

Video Suggestions

When you have suggested videos, this is a personalized collection of videos that you as a viewer may be interested in watching based on prior activity. The video suggestions are also videos that go along with what you’re currently watching or related topics. On your YouTube channel, you can see which videos are bringing in viewers from the suggested videos! You can optimize your videos for video suggestions by making sure there is a solid call to action to draw attention and encourage viewers to watch another video. Also, you can create a series of videos that are organically connected. Another way to optimize your videos for video suggestions is to use playlists, links, cards, and end screens that suggest the following video for viewers to watch!


Having the descriptions field filled in on your videos is very helpful and will help optimize your video SEO! Descriptions help users learn about, find, and decide if they want to watch your videos. When creating your video descriptions, it is best to make sure each video has a unique description. Also, use a few lines at the beginning of your description to explain the video using keywords. Lastly, you can include more text that shows up once viewers click “show more”. When including more text, you can add extra information about your channel, social media links. And more! This is how to best optimize your video SEO by using descriptions. 

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