Optimizing Pinterest Pins for SEO

Over the past few years, Pinterest has grown from a visual social media channel to a heavily used search engine. An estimated 100 million users are utilizing Pinterest’s search engine to find creative and compelling content to pin to their boards. In order to utilize Pinterest to drive more traffic to your website, businesses should make sure that their pins are easily discoverable for users. Here are ways in which you can optimize your Pinterest account effectively to increase traffic to your website and increase the popularity of your Pinterest account.

How to Boost Traffic on your Pinterest Account

Fully Optimize Your Profile:

As with any URL, the username must be clear, direct, and memorable. Picking the right username is important when building a strong following on Pinterest. The username will act as your identity on the platform.

Clear Idea for Your Boards:

When building out the Pinterest boards, have a clear idea as to how you would like to organize the order, layout, title, and image used for each board. We recommend that you put yourself in the shoes of the user when it comes to naming each board. The title of the board should be the way that a user would search for the content.

Optimize Each Pin:

Optimize each pin to the fullest. Focus on the descriptions as it can help the search engine discover the pin more effectively which can lead to a higher chance of it being repinned. Pinterest favors the pins that provide more specific and thoughtful descriptions.

Avoid Using Hashtags:

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, the use of hashtags is not as effective as the description section for each pin. Hashtags are not necessary when it comes to extending the reach of the pins.

Utilizing Rich Pins:

Rich pins provide more context about the pin itself. Pins can be categorized as an app, movie, recipe, article, product or place. Rich pins tend to perform much better in search and are also highly recommended by Pinterest.

Consistency Helps:

It is important to include Pinterest into your content calendar. Users should Pin appealing content several times during the week.

High-Quality Images:

Every image that you pin should stand out from the rest. Make sure that you are posting high-quality images. Try incorporating vertical images in your pins, vertical images have more of a chance to get noticed because of how they occupy more space. Vertical pins are also more effective on mobile devices.

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