Optimizing Pages to Boost Local Onsite Conversions

Getting your site visitors to convert to local paying customers, takes time, and requires information to be easily accessible – conversions require engagement and personal connection. Converting website visitors to paying customers at your brick and mortar all starts with location. Many individuals will not travel more than 20 minutes when running everyday activities, making it more important to target the individuals in your immediate area. To boost your local search marketing, check out the tips below!

Create A Descriptive Contact Page to Increase Conversions

Phone numbers are important to showcase on your website, but location information (your address) is just important. The location of this information has a huge influence on users when deciding to hire your services or purchasing your goods. Proximity is everything. If you do not share this information on your homepage such as the footer, be sure to include a page that holds all of this information in an easily accessible way.

Take Advantage of Service Area Pages & Landing Pages to Boost Conversions

If your business has multiple locations, take advantage of Google My Business, social media, and your website to set up separate accounts and pages for each specific location. This allows you to target and engage with those users that reside in those specific areas. Only sharing your address to your location can make a huge difference in the people that actually take the time to visit. It’s okay to provide your physical address, but use different landmarks, neighborhoods, and intersections to specify your location beyond a set of numbers to help increase the overall relevance of your page in terms of the user’s search query, thus leading to a chance for conversions whether it is a call, email, or direct purchase.

Use Interactive Maps

Maps are a great tool to include on your website to help with visual aids pointing back to your location. Static maps can be limiting to users because of their ability to zoom in and out. Interactive maps allow users to adjust the map to see any details that might wish to view.

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