Optimizing Images To Improve Site Speed

A slow-loading website can make or break an online conversion in today’s heavily reliant digital community. With the advent of the internet, we now live in a society where we expect information and resources to be available at the click of a button, and for many cases that is the truth! Unfortunately, if your website load speed is slow due to bulky images, or poor optimization, this can greatly reduce the amount of traffic flow to your site, along with fewer conversions, which ultimately means less business. This blog will highlight improving site speeds by reducing the image load requirements for your site.

What Determines A Website Load Speed?

Website speeds are ultimately determined by a variety of factors that can be influenced by exterior factors such as consumer connection speed, server hosting, plugins, files, image types & sizes as well as the overall size of the site. Since there is not much you can do to affect the consumers’ connection speed it is important that your site loads as fast as possible no matter which platform a user is on.

The Benefits Of Optimizing & Minifying Images

Images can be bulky and difficult for browsers to load quickly. By optimizing & minifying your images via a plugin, you can increase your site speed which will not only increase the likelihood of engagement and activity on your site but can also help to increase the number of daily conversions.

In addition to site speed improving your digital ranking factor, ensuring your site loads quickly will provide users with a better experience overall. When users have an uninterrupted experience on your site, they are more likely to call, fill out a form, or contact your business for goods or services.

  • Optimizing images on your website is a quick and easy way to improve the speeds of your site without having to enter any backend code
  • Optimizing or minifying images can reduce your total page load needs by over 50%
  • Increases the likelihood of conversion by providing an uninterrupted site experience

Curious about what might be affecting your website loading speed? Find out how unoptimized images may be affecting your site speeds with a free GMetrix Site Speed Audit!

Useful Plugins To Optimize & Minify Images

To learn more about how these plugins can help improve your site speed, click any of the links below. If you are just beginning to learn about WordPress read our other blog which focuses on 5 Essential Plugins To Use With WordPress!

Image Optimization Plugins

W3 – total cache
ShortPixel Image Optimizer

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