Optimizing for ‘Micro-Moments’

Google emphasizes that brands must be ready for a consumer’s “micro-moment.” So what exactly is a micro-moment? According to Google, these are “critical touch points within today’s consumer journey, and when added together, they ultimately determine how that journey ends.” Mobile is a key driver of searches that reflect a consumer’s micro-moment.

Mobile is the key driver of searches that reflect a consumer’s micro-moment. Take a look at some statistics from a recent Google survey to better understand the importance of mobile.

  • 91% of smartphone users use their phones for ideas when in the middle of a task
  • 65% of users seek out the most relevant information related to their query, regardless of the brand
  • 51% of consumers have discovered a new company or product when using their phone
  • 33% of users have purchased from a different brand than they originally had planned on using, because of the information provided

The takeaway: mobile searchers are extremely active and not brand loyal.

You must anticipate users searching for products/services related to your industry and adjust your mobile site accordingly.  Take a look below at some helpful tips.

1. Since “Near Me” searches have doubled in the past year, you should commit to being there for users in your industry.

2. Be relevant to the consumers’ needs and connect people to the right answers.

3. Mobile users want to make purchases quickly so make sure your mobile experience is fast!

In addition to the steps above, Google checks basic information such as the address, phone number and email to use in their local results. Make sure you have the correct information on your website along with accurate local listing information.



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