Optimizing for Local SEO, Voice & Mobile Search

Every business should be implementing SEO strategies to enhance their visibility online, but local businesses should be paying close attention to their local SEO strategy. With enhancements in technology, new voice and mobile search will have a substantial influence on local search results.

How to Optimize for Local Search Results

First and foremost, every local business should verify their Google local account and optimize it properly. This means ensuring that the phone, address, hours and company name is consistent with the information listed on the website.

Once your online presence is consistent across the web, it’s time to increase customer reviews. Now more than ever, customers are seeking out review sites to choose where they will be doing business. For instance, if someone is looking for a new salon in town and they find negative reviews about your company on Yelp, that’s a new lead that you just missed out on. If you do receive a poor review, always respond to show customers that you do want to make their visit a pleasant experience.

Where Should I List My Business?

One of the main reasons to list your business online is because you need a place for users to leave their reviews. If a customer wants the opportunity to leave you rave reviews and you have no listings, you can potentially miss out on leads. Additionally, focusing on industry specific listing sites can be extremely helpful especially if you are in the travel industry. If you own a hotel, put your business on Trip Advisor or if you’re a contractor, list your business on Angie’s List.

Voice & Mobile Search for SEO

Some business owners are eager to create mobile site rather than building a static site first and then making it mobile-friendly. You really need to take into account the type of business before building a site. If you’re a plumber, chances are people are looking for plumbers on their phones so they can get an immediate response. For a company offering immediate solutions, a mobile-friendly site is critical.

Keep in mind that users are now talking into their phone when looking for services. Start thinking about how your audience would search for your business if they were speaking into the phone. Implement long tail keywords as well as a Q&A section into your site.



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