Optimizing Facebook Business Page Status Updates

Do you struggle with what to write for your businesses status updates on your Facebook page or do you just toss some random thought out there to keep the page active?  Either way, you could be doing a better job if you put some thought in to it.

Increasing user engagement with your status changes can widen your reach by optimizing for Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm.  Without EdgeRank, your status updates are less likely to be immediately visible when your followers log on to Facebook and see their Top Stories.

The more engagement in terms of “likes” and comments from your followers boosts you EdgeRank  position making your updates more likely to be displayed, so how do you do it?  Pay attention to the features available to you when entering a status change for your page.  These are accessible via the icons at the bottom of the status update box.

Scheduling can go a long way to getting your updates seen by a larger audience of even buried so that they go mostly unnoticed.   Think about your core audience and when they are most likely to be online.  If you’re doing an upcoming promotion, think about that time-frame as well.  The little clock icon on the status box allows you to schedule when your updates appear.

Pretty pictures!  Of course people like to look at things other than a line or two of text, so add a nice graphic or photo to your update.  If you don’t have one available that makes sense, click on the place mark icon, next to the clock, and at least your update will now have a nice location map that spices up the post a little and shares a little more info about where you are.

You can also target a specific location or language depending upon what you want from your status updates.  Just select the Location/Language option under the “Public” drop down menu on the bottom right of the text box.  You can select location and language and target you update appropriately.

Remember, “Likes” and Comments boost your posts profile, so do what you can to attract followers to your updates.

-Don MacMelville

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