Optimizing E-Commerce Product Pages

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important for an e-commerce site to attract new customers and increase traffic. One section on your e-commerce site that should be looked over for improvement is the product information pages. The product pages is where most users will land while searching so you should make sure they are well-optimized.  Here are a few strategies to help increase your online presence for online shoppers.

  • This may take up a lot of time but try to write unique titles and descriptions for all of your products. The title and description of a product are one of the first things that a potential customer sees after a Google search, so make sure it stands out!
  • Along with well-optimized page titles and descriptions, the URL’s of those product pages should be search-friendly.
  • Another way to increase traffic is allowing users to add content on your e-commerce site. Shoppers can be allowed to either write their own reviews or you can provide a space for them to ask questions.
  • Adding product pages with customer reviews will establish credibility to your website. When you allow shoppers to write their own unique reviews this is good for user generated content.
  • When you provide multiple images of different angles of the product it helps visitors get a better feel for what they are looking for.
  • When online shoppers are browsing the web, they want to make sure that the site that they are buying from is secured. It’s important to make sure your website is well protected especially if customers are entering their credit card information. Also, return policies should be visible.

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