Optimizing Content For Small Business

Small Business Content Optimization

There are over 28 Million Small businesses in the United States. If you own a small business that is seeing exponential growth, it is important to keep that momentum going by actively engaging with your audience as well as continually posting and creating new content on your site. If you are somewhat familiar with online marketing, you may realize that it has become a battle of not only content but with updates to Google, relevancy & accuracy has become equally as important. If you own a small business that is looking to capitalize upon a growing consumer base, please read on!

Keywords & Relevancy

If you are looking to improve your search rankings it is important to look at what your business truly does.  While it might seem silly to list all of your products & services on a list or excel sheet, this can be extremely beneficial as it not only provides a guideline for important “key” words to use in content or blogs but doing this deep dive can make your job easier when it comes to creating a new page or blog. Why spend time trying to remember every aspect of your business when you have a handy sheet to rely on!?

Become a Resource

Use your blog to tell the story of your company, what products you supply, what advice you can provide on so and so topics. A blog can ultimately be about anything, as long as it relates to your business, products, services, or origin.  What drove you to begin this company? Is it woman-owned? Was it passed down for generations? How did you acquire your skills? While this may or not be interesting to every potential customer, this information will help personalize your business. While it might be hard to rationalize the value behind blogs, actively blogging can help inform consumers about your top product which could be very helpful and informative.  But it is important to note that your blog shouldn’t look like an online retailer. It is important to focus on practical and relevant information over a sales pitch, personalization is key.

Social Posting Priorities

Use your social sites to promote your blog.  When you post a blog, alert people with a Tweet and a link in your Facebook status.  These “social cues” will not only help promote your business to active followers but can help to increase the ultimate exposure for your business as Google has begun to crawl social media sites, ultimately with the aim to increase exposure and accessibility across the Google platform. Still Curious about how to boost your social presence?

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