Optimizing Content for Facebook’s News Feed

Did you ever wonder why you see the things you see in your Facebook News Feed?  Well, according to Facebook, there are over 100,000 factors that go into determining what pops up on your page.  They won’t explicitly say what those factors are, but they will they that they asked lots of users questions about what they thought was important or relevant in a high-quality Facebook post.

What this means to you, is that if you are marketing a product or service on Facebook, you had better create social posts that fall into that “high-quality” category if you want a chance at getting them to appear in peoples’ News Feeds.  Here are some things that increase the quality level of your post:

  • Relevancy.  Is your product or service relevant to the Facebook user?  Think of your targets and make sure that the content of your post would be relevant to those people.
  • Timeliness.  Is it interesting now?  Is there a time component to the post? Does it reflect current issues of events?
  • Interest.  Will your post engage the people who see it? Is it something that readers might want to share with their friends?  Will they read it all the way through or comment on it?
  • No begging.  Trying to collect followers or likes by asking to be liked is a no go.  Primarily because those posts are not relevant, timely, or interesting to the user.

Remember that Facebook strives to provide a personal experience for its users and collects data on relationships/interactions with other users as well as likes and dislikes.  If you don’t like a marketing post in your News Feed, you can block it and tell them why.  All these things are factored into that 100,000- thing algorithm that builds a Facebook New Feed page, so word things thoughtfully.

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By Don MacMelville


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