Optimizing a PPC Campaign

If you’ve currently set up a PPC campaign, there are several factors to take into consideration. While it may seem simple to set up the campaign and get it launched, you’ll want to be mindful of your copy, landing pages and keywords. The day-to-day maintenance is crucial when it comes to creating a successful PPC campaign.

Finding your goal

Ask yourself what you’re trying to establish when embarking on a PPC campaign. Obviously, your goal is to generate more business, but how? Did you want to bring more traffic to your website, create more leads and conversions?

Budget correctly

Make sure you budget correctly and you’re setting a max Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). Max CPA is the most you are willing to spend for a conversion. Your budget throughout time should be monitored and adjusted. 


Be sure to have descriptive names to help you differentiate your campaigns and ad groups. Make sure that one ad group targets only one service/product or keyword theme. It’s very easy to get creative with ad groups but be sure to limit them down to less than five. Keyword weeding is very simple, get rid of any keyword that is not helping your campaign. This is up to you or the client to make the definitive decision. It’s like a kicker in the NFL, if they do not convert then you have to let them go. 

Conversion Tracking

There is no better way to find out how you are doing than to run conversion tracking. Be sure to implement the necessary tools for tracking. Tracking can help you make the needed adjustments to your campaign. No campaign is perfect but it can help to see your performance.

Utilize the settings

You can dig deeper into a market by utilizing some of the campaign settings. The settings that are given are locations, networks, language, and device. These options can help you identify your group of buyers. You can make your budget flexible by using the scheduling. 


Running remarketing ads can be a valuable method for a stronger return on investment. Be sure to take advantage of this technique.

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