How You Can Properly Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

Voice search is becoming more popular among consumers, with all major technology providers investing in virtual assistants – Google has Google Assistant, Apple has Siri, Amazon has Alexa, Samsung has Bixby and Microsoft has Cortana. These voice-enabled helpers are becoming a more routine part in customers’ lives, but many digital marketers still do not have a plan in place to cater to their specific needs. According to a recent report from BrightEdge, 31 percent of marketers view voice search as the “next big thing.” However, 62 percent of those surveyed said they do not currently have strategies to prepare for voice search.

If you are in the majority, here are two ways you can optimize your website for voice search:

  • Make your content conversational. Voice search queries differ from traditional content, as writing for voice search requires the text to be more conversational in nature. It is essential to deliver accurate results based on anticipated context, so content marketers should expand their writing to include types of question-based inquiries. Even if you think your content stands out from the competition, it will not gain traction or views if it does written with voice searches in mind.

  • Target long-tail keywords. The question words – who, where, what, when, why – are strongly connected to voice search because of their conversational tone. Content marketers need to take the time to find the long-tail keyword phrases that incorporate these question words and develop content tailored to them. Keyword lists should be expanded to target these long-tail keywords for both organic and paid searches. Targeting multiple keywords and queries in a single page is also encouraged.

Voice search is still a relatively new development and is constantly evolving, so its true potential is likely still years away. However, as consumer trends are currently outpacing marketing preparation and strategies, it is never too early to start developing a plan for voice search. Content marketers should begin making this technology part of their long-term vision in order to meet customer expectations and fully monetize voice search.

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