Optimize Your Contact Page for Higher Conversions

If you are in an industry that relies on building leads or collecting contact information from potential customers via your website, it’s essential to know what the right elements are for a high-performing contact page, in order for it to be effective. Having the right content for your content page can improve your user experience and ultimately lead to more conversions. Below are some tips to help optimize your contact page.

Why a Contact Page is Crucial

If your business revolves around client inquiries it is essential to have a contact page.  Whether you have a brick & mortar business or deal strictly with online sales, every website should have a contact page. The purpose of the contact page is essential to helping customers reach out to you if they have any further questions or business inquiries. It’s important to have the contact information clearly displayed so that there is no confusion on the customer side.

Remove Outdated information

If your contact page has outdated information it will not only confuse customers but it makes it extremely hard for them to reach you.  If you have recently moved offices, changed numbers, or changed your email address, the number one priority should be to update this information on your contact page. It is also important to note that having consistent information across the web is also extremely important for SEO.

Include a Thorough Form

If turning contact forms into conversions is a high priority for your business, adding relevant information about the nature of the form can greatly expedite the sales process. Even though a contact form should remain short, adding a name, phone number, email and additional information about the nature of the inquiry can give you a clear idea of what the client is interested in, before a conversation has even started.

Include Multiple Ways for Customers to Contact You

A contact form is a great way for people to get in touch with your business but don’t forget people can communicate in a variety of ways. If you are active on social media feel free to include links to accounts that are frequently managed. It can also be beneficial to add other forms of contact such as a phone number and email.

Proofread the Page & Form for Errors

You can have the most beautiful form, but if the form doesn’t work correctly, it will not only provide a poor customer experience but could also mean you’re losing a potential sale. If there are grammatical errors, spelling errors, or functionality errors on the page it may deter users from contacting you and potentially drive them to another site.

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