Optimize your Adwords Campaign with Ad Extensions

Google Adwords can be a great addition to your SEO Campaign driving traffic for competitive or obscure keywords. There are three great, yet simple ways to optimize your Adwords campaign using Adwords Extensions. I recommend using the Location Extension, the Call Extension and the Sitelinks Extension. Using all three of these extensions will make your advertisement larger, allow it to contain more information at no additional charge, and increase conversions on all devices.

The Location Extension adds an address below your existing Adwords ad. This information is compiled from a Google Places account. You do not have to have the listing claimed yourself, but you do need to know the email address that was used to originally claim their Google Listing.

The Call extension allows you to add a phone number to your ad. If someone views your ad on a mobile device they have the option to simply click “Call” instead of having to navigate to your website to find out more information.

The Sitelinks extension allows you to add up to 10 additional links that may display in your advertisement in addition to the original ad’s landing page link. I recommend adding as many relevant links as possible in order to give users more options to click.

To access Adwords extensions login into your Google Adwords account and click campaigns in the main menu. Select “Ad Extension” in the sub-menu under “All Online Campaigns.” From here you can click View: [Extension Name] to add new extensions.

By Jeffrey Pucko

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