What Is The Best Way To Optimize My Website For Mobile?

Site Speed Should be Prioritized

Server Hosting Overview
If your website has had the same hosting/server plan for the past decade and is starting to slow down, it is no coincidence. When it comes to mobile speeds, and mobile optimization, pay close attention to your current it is wise to optimize and upgrade your current hosting so that even if your site is loading slow, it cannot be contributed to your overall hosting platform.

Mobile-Responsive Pages

In order to have a website that functions seamlessly whether a user is viewing your website on mobile, or desktop it is important that the site must be mobile-friendly but most importantly responnsive in order to enhance the user experience. While most websites are designed with desktop viewability in mind, at this day and age every website should be designed for smartphones and tablets as well. Mobile-responsive pages are important in the sense that if your page is properly optimized a user will see your site structured in a way that is not confusing, but also effective in the sense that the mobile site will continue to drive leads and potential conversions. Still curious about the importance of Responsive Web Pages? View a descriptive article detailing the ins and outs of  Mobile Optimization compliments of GOOGLE!

Optimize Font Size, Text & Buttons

If you are working on optimizing your site for mobile-first indexing then it is important to remove or edit any preexisting small or illegible fonts that can reduce the number of on-screen glitches. When working on a desktop for mobile optimization, be sure to leave enough space between every element in order to avoid visitors clicking the wrong link, and ultimately leaving your site due to frustration or slow loading times.

Helping Your Business Get Optimized Quicker!

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