How Can I Optimize My Website’s Footer?

A website’s footer is the subsection found at the bottom of each page on your website. Often overlooked, the footer on a website is an extremely valuable part of your layout. Footers can be a placeholder for a list of important information which you don’t want to interrupt the flow of your page content. If you have not already, it is important to optimize your footer immediately! Continue reading below to learn some of the best ways to optimize your website’s footer. 

Add a Secondary Menu

While all websites feature some kind of header menu to allow ease of navigation through the site, not all feature a secondary menu footer, but they should! While the main header menu is shorter and may not include certain pages which are less visited, the footer menu tends to be much longer and include most if not all of a site’s main landing pages. Pages included in the footer menu may include a job opportunity page, a privacy page, and more. 

Social Media Widgets

If your business uses any social media platforms it is helpful to include clickable widgets of the logos of any and all social media platforms you use! Even if you have this listed elsewhere on the site it has become commonplace for users to navigate right to the footer when seeking out social media profiles of a given business. 

Include Contact Information

No matter the website you visit, chances are their footer includes some variation of the contact information or a contact form. This is a great way to build customer trust by answering questions while also enabling lead generation. There is no true one-size-fits-all here, but footers commonly include phone numbers, emails, business addresses, and a contact form in terms of their contact information.

Email or Newsletter Signup

Much like contact information or social media widgets users often jump right to the footer when searching for an email list subscription option. By making the subscription options more easily accessible you can in turn see a higher subscription rate and generate more leads!

New or Featured Content

Once a user reaches the bottom of a page and hits the footer it is helpful to include any content which may keep them on the site longer and increase the average session time. There are many different paths to take here but some of the most commonly used and most successful approaches are including carousels with the newest blog posts or updates to a photo gallery. 

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