One More Thing To Be Thankful For This Year

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Retail advertisers, rejoice! Google recently launched a special ad unit for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to help increase ads exposure. Google mentioned that last year, 100 percent of “Black Friday” searches happened between the Sunday before Black Friday and Saturday after Black Friday.

What is it?

Through the 27th, Google will be serving a specific promotion ad format for Black Friday when people search through keywords related to Black Friday and Cyber Monday such as “Black Friday deals”, “cyber Monday <product/company name> deals, and other variants. Promotion extensions, which was launched this time last year, will be powering these special ads.

This ad unit will display at the top of search results and users will see different offers that link to different retailers’ websites or landings pages.

To be able to use this special ad unit is pretty simple. Although, as like most ads and rankings, there is no guarantee that your promotion will be displayed on that list, more so because of the competition. To do this, just add promotion extensions to your ad under Black Friday or Cyber Monday labels in the Google Ad interface. Then create ad groups that target those specific event keywords and variations of it.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are no longer just days. It is a week-long sale that everybody in the country is looking forward to and most companies know this already as they start their hot sales by the start of the week. This new feature can give you and your products more chances of being discovered during this highly competitive season. In addition to this, advertisers can now see and analyze how their campaigns are doing over last year throughout the week.

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