On-The-Go Mobile Searches Are Here To Stay

What may not be surprising to many individuals is the fact that over 90 percent of people who took a recent survey conducted by Uberall stated that the first set (page) of search results is what they were likely to click on. Since smartphones started trending, the popularity of mobile searches has been on the rise and this has never been truer than now with an increasing number of individuals using Siri and other similar speak functions to conduct online searches. Furthermore, two-thirds of these respondents indicated that they were even more likely, or “very likely”, to click on the first two to three search results they saw, further increasing the importance of optimizing your content to rank highly on search engines.

A Growing Trend

Although this information may not come as a shock to anyone, the real surprise within the data was revealed when 82% of the 1,000 survey takers admitted to conducting “near me” mobile searches. Admittedly, it is now easier than ever to conduct a “near me” search even if you don’t know you are doing so. This is thanks to the vast number of “near me” queries that are implemented by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. which feature terms such as “can I buy” or “to buy”. But this does not subtract from the emphasis the data is placing on the importance of ranking highly for “near me” mobile searches if you want your business to be found by consumers.

Acknowledging the Knowledge

Uberall took the survey one step further by asking those who conducted near me searches what category of shopping their searches fell under. This data was also quite revealing as it showed that food searches where by far the most popular amongst the “near me” category with 84% of individuals acknowledging searches within this category. Food searches were followed by Entertainment with 56%, Banking with 50%, Apparel at 41%, and Personal Care in last place with 38%. According to Google, the current rate of local intent searches is roughly 30 percent of mobile queries and steadily on the rise as other companies have predicted rates as high as 40% and even 50%. This indicates that not only are on-the-go mobile searches here to stay but also that any business, not only those that fall within the categories of food, entertainment, banking, apparel or personal care, misses out on an incredible amount of traffic if they are not optimizing their online content to rank for mobile “near me” searches.

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