Old Fashioned Web Marketing

While we tend to focus much of our energies on Search Engine Optimization, there are a number of additional techniques in the realm of internet marketing that should also be utilized to increase traffic to your website, promote your business, and get more ROI.

One internet marketing technique in particular seems so intuitive and basic for retailers, but oftentimes small businesses just don’t think of it (or just aren’t doing it) – Email marketing.

Growing your list

We all receive so much spam in our inboxes on a daily basis that the idea of adding to the chaos seems unnecessary.  But there is a lot of value in a well thought out email campaign.  Many internet retailers see a boost in sales upon every email blast.  Email marketing is the best way to utilize your past customers and make them repeat customers.  According to Loren McDonald, at mediapost.com, “maximizing the ROI on existing customers has become Job No. 1 for the marketers I’m speaking with.” (https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/173894/email-marketers-concerns-becoming-more-sophistica.html#ixzz1uJIfsFlm).

Always continue to build your database of email addresses.  There are things you can incorporate into your website design that will increase your email list – make sure your homepage has a subscription box. Every paying customer should automatically be added to your list.  If you are a small or local business, give your walk-in customers a chance to sign up, too.  Have a sign-up sheet by the register or door.  Ask each customer for their email address, or leave spot on your invoice for them to fill in. There are so many ways to make sure you get their contact email. Don’t be shy – these days, people are used to giving out their information and interacting with companies. And don’t forget about referrals – let your customers grow your contact list for you!


When compiling email lists, is it always helpful to get extra information.  Age, gender, size; homeowner or renter, married or single – depending on your business, there are infinite possibilities.   This allows for segmentation.  Email segmentation allows you to send a more targeted message to your customers.  For example, if you were a clothing retailer going into the fall, perhaps females get one email blast offering reduced pricing on footwear, while men get a blast featuring sportswear.  If you have a wide range of price point, advertise something exclusive and expensive to those who have the means, and a great sale deal to those who tend to shop more frugal.  This way you are able to entice certain groups within your list, while ignoring others that may have no interest in your current promotion.   The possibilities are endless.

Make sure you are doing all you can for your web marketing.  A site with great content, proper SEO, inventive SEM, and social media presence are all important; just don’t forget good old-fashioned email marketing.

–          Chris Schepici


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