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Noticed a Decrease in Facebook Traffic? Here’s What to Do

Facebook has recently announced that pages of brands and businesses will become less important on the news feeds of Facebook users, which in a result, could mean fewer views and traffic to your website. If you are starting to notice a decrease in traffic on your Facebook page, there are other strategies you should consider.

Engaging Content.

Facebook wants to share what they feel is relevant to users or what they care about. Writing high-quality and unique content will have your users be involved around the content that will allow them to share or comment on your post.

Personal Accounts.

A great way to spread news or content is sharing through your personal account. Users are more likely to follow a real person than a corporate page. By splitting your content is a good strategy to reach out a more extensive and diverse audience to your brand or business.


If you believe your brand or product can make an impact on people’s lives, you should consider reaching out to influencers. Influencers are people who have a following who connects or relates themselves to what influencers share.


Advertising on Facebook is a great way to stay visible on user’s news feed. Advertising is inexpensive and easy to use. By clicking on “Boost Page,” you are given an opportunity to filter out what type of audience you want to reach (people who like your page and people who do not know your business).

Other Platforms.

If you are primarily sharing your content on Facebook, depending on what type of business, product, and services you’re offering, utilizing other social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google Plus can boost up your chances of being found and increase traffic.

Following these helpful tips and investing in SEO will drive a positive impact on your website’s traffic. If you are struggling or ran out of ideas in improving your business, consider speaking to the experts at Boston Web Marketing and call us at (857) 526-0096

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