No More PageRank Dilution When Using Redirects on Google

A Google Webmaster trend analyst stated yesterday that using 301, 302, or 30x redirects of any kind will not result in a loss of PageRank value.  In 2010 it was said that there was PageRank dilution when using a 301 or other forms of 30x redirects but Google changed this rule in 2013. Google’s Matt Cutts stated that the value of your PageRank that dissolves through a 301 redirect is the same as the amount of PageRank that dissipates through a link. Many SEO specialists who didn’t believe Google about this rule, however it was confirmed yesterday that this is true. Now any type 30x redirects won’t lose any PageRank value. To learn more about 301 and 302 redirects, go to our post here!

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