New Year New Me; Bing Trims the Fat

With 2016 closed and a new year up ahead, resolutions are starting to pour in. People are wanting to get fit, and eat healthier. Bing is right there with them, helping its’ users trim their fat.

New search updates have been added to the search engine, aimed at helping its’ health conscious users.

Now, when you search for workouts, Bing will pull in a carousel of various exercises. You can filter the exercises by difficulty, gender, target areas and type of exercise.

In addition to traditional forms of exercise, there are also yoga and pilates information with instructional videos.

The App for Bing has rolled out new updates as well. Searches for low-fat recipes will return the same style of carousel results- where users can get as granular as amount of nutrients, fat, calories, carbs and more.

You can also get a calorie count for an item just by searching in the search bar with a long tailed keyword such as “calories in a cup of rice.” This search will show you a knowledge graph at the top of the page, with an answer to your question. If you are deficient in one certain aspect of your diet, you can also search for “foods high in iron” and be provided the same carousel list with foods that are high in iron.

Bing is really trying to optimize for their users so that they can find the most popular recipes, preparation times and healthier fares.

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