New WordPress Plugin: AMP Stories

Content creators listen up! Ever wondered what else you can do for your clients and their viewers? Well, Google just brought a new plugin to WordPress users via its AMP plugin update, which is AMP Stories. However, WordPress publishers who are using Gutenberg plugin are the only ones who can enjoy this newest plugin, for now.

Gutenberg plugin allows publishers to create and publish multimedia content in a much simpler way. AMP stories can only be used through this page editor because it takes advantage of Gutenberg’s rich media management structure.

So What?

Installing this plugin to your WordPress site will allow you to create and produce visually appealing and interactive content without having to rely on HTML, CSS, and Javascript knowledge. It’s a great way to enrich your website with new multimedia content. Although AMP WordPress plugin isn’t anything new, its newest update with the AMP Stories is a great plus for marketers who are already used to using the CMS.

Imagine if you published a story on one of your social media platforms and it received tremendous customer engagement, you can reuse that material and publish it on your website as well to ensure consistency across on-site and off-site SEO.

AMP Stories

Content creators and WordPress publishers with the latest version of the Gutenberg and AMP plugin can utilize this newest plugin in a number of ways such as:

  • Create a highly interactive AMP Story page by just dragging and dropping blocks
  • Add creative elements such as texts, images, and high-quality videos
  • Texts can be animated
  • Background colors and different opacities can be set
  • AMP Story pages can be arranged based on your preference
  • Manage individual AMP Story pages as part of WordPress

Content creators and publishers are always trying to come up with new ways to provide interactive and useful information to their viewers and with plugins like this, they can do so. Content still is a huge part of the SEO strategy for any website and that includes visually appealing content. If you are in need of an SEO consultation, head on over to our website or contact us now!

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