New Ways to Target Users in Google Ads for the Holidays

Google Ads recently announced new fields and methods of reaching your target audience in search results, launching season event segments for audiences in your market as well as affinity audiences. These will be able to target specific users who are looking for similar products and services to yours and help boost conversions and sales, especially as we move into the holiday season.

What are affinity audiences?

An affinity audience is a group of users that have an interest in a particular field or topic, which may relate to the products you sell or services you provide. Affinity audiences include Technophiles, or people who are interested in new technologies; Sports Fans, people who search for sports data and team information; and Travel Buffs, people who are interested in traveling to new places who often search for hotels, airfare, luggage, and rental vehicles. A wide range of audiences is available for nearly every interest. In order to determine the audiences who would have the most interest in your products, take a look at your current customer base and marketing strategy. If you are marketing phone or new headphones, you may want to concentrate more on Travel Buffs, Technophiles and Music Lovers rather than Auto Enthusiasts or Home Décor Enthusiasts. A recent study by Google shows that the luxury car brand Volkswagen has used affinity audience targeting to increase its conversion rate by over 200%.

Seasonal Event Segmenting of In-Market Audiences

Users that are already searching for products or services similar to what you provide are considered part of your in-market audience. They can search across partner sites across the Google Display Network as well as YouTube to qualify for your in-market audience, which counts clicks on ads relating to your business or fields, how often they visit your site or competitor sites and how often they convert. This holiday season, Google Ads is allowing businesses to create audience segments in order to drive conversions. For example, if someone is actively searching for a new laptop and you run a computer business, you will be able to create ads that specifically target those users. A recent example is Toyota, who used a Black Friday and Christmas segment to target users actively shopping for a new car to increase their conversion rate by 67% and reduce the cost per conversion by one-third.

Advertising on Google

These new segments will be rolling out on the Google Ads platform within the next several weeks. If you are interested in learning more about how to better optimize your Google Ads, contact Boston Web Marketing today!

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