New Ways to Target Pinterest Users

Until recently, Pinterest advertising has been very limited. Advertisers had the options to target gender, location, device and language. Like Google, Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest ads will be receiving some necessary features. The social media platform announced, that by the end of this month, there will be three new options to target audiences.

  • Customer list targeting allows you to target your current Pinterest customers. To use this option, upload your customers’ email addresses or mobile ad IDs and Pinterest will match the list to their database. You can then send ads to those users.
  • Visitor retargeting reaches out to users who have been to your site before. It allows you to influence their decisions to hopefully end in a conversion! To use visitor retargeting, you need a Pinterest conversion tag added to your site.  With this tag, you can choose to include or exclude people who have done the following:

o     Come to your homepage

o     Signed up

o     Added an item

o     Completed a conversion

  • Lookalike targeting helps you to target users that have similar traits or behaviors of  a specific audience, like your customers for example.

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