New Updates for AdWords Catering to Multi-Channel Advertisers

AdWords has been platforms to assist advertisers manage Google Shopping and Google Display Network campaigns. With the new ad formats over the years, Google has created separate interfaces for advertisers to manage their campaigns.

Last week Google rolled out new reporting columns to assist multi-channel advertisers report on important ad interactions across all campaign types.

The new columns will help measure success across multiple campaign types for the following:

Interactions – (shopping, text & video ads)

Interaction Rate – (measures how often people interact with your ad once it’s displayed to them)

Average Cost – (clicks divided by cost of views divided by total cost)

Google will also allow you to see stats by each campaign type instead of just network, by adding a “Total” row at the bottom of the AdWords interface it will make it easy to view. These new columns will not only help with daily campaign management and keeping an eye on how your campaigns are doing cross channel but also reduce the load on the reporting front.

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