New Update with Instagram Stories

This past month, Instagram released two new features to their Instagram Stories. This new update is for Instagram’s 600 million users on both Android and iOS.

    • Instagram Stickers: To make your Instagram story more personal and creative, you can add stickers. To use this feature, just tap on the smiley face sticker button alongside the next to the text and drawing tools. Very similar to Snapchat’s geofilters, there is also new stickers you can customize with your current time and weather.
    • Hands-Free Video Recording: The other new feature added o Instagram is the hands-free feature that allows you to record a video with a single tap. This allows you to record a video without having to press and hold. To use this feature, swipe left at the bottom of the screen and tap on “Hands-Free.”

In November, Instagram made other updates to their app that included creating Stories using a “Boomerang” mode and mentioning an Instagram user in your Instagram story.

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