New Study Shows Mobile Devices Account for 57% of Searches

BrightEdge, a well-known SEO company, reported that mobile devices account for 57% of all traffic is from smartphones and tablets. While there have been several reports on the matter over the last five years, BrightEdge’s finding give a significant insight. About two years ago, Google first announced that mobile searched officially exceeded searched made from desktop devices and so began the transition for many businesses and SEO companies.
Since that announcement two years ago, the number of mobile searches has steadily increased, so much so that Google announced a mobile-first index. After the big announcement, Google has shied away from giving official numbers on the matter, only using phrases like the “vast majority” of searched are coming from mobile devices. Because of this silence, third party companies have been urged to do the research themselves and get the numbers they want.
BrightEdge was able to use their own website to test the use of mobile devices and get these numbers. The study also found that the same search terms resulted in different rankings on a mobile device compared to desktops. Both businesses and SEO companies have a lot to learn from such studies. Knowing this, it is best to optimize your website for both mobile and desktop device.

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