New Speed Report Coming To Google

As mentioned in a previous blog, Google is adding more reporting metrics to the new Search Console. The latest report to hopefully make its way to the platform is a new Speed Report. The new report gives webmasters an overview of your website field metrics that you can drill down into specific issues as well as examples of the issues. This way, you can find the problem and fully optimize your website to have the fastest load speed possible.

The new report is currently in beta but can be used by everyone who uses Google Search Console. In order to try out this report, you need to fill out this form and wait for approval from the Search Console team.  Once approved and working, this report will show you slow, average, and fast pages that you can click into and see more detail within the report.

Below is a tweet about the new speed report with some screenshots of different pages of the report.

Why Is This New Speed Report Important?

With Google emphasizing that page/website load speed is more of a ranking factor than ever, it is important to make sure all of the pages on your website load quickly. This report not only will help with your ranking but also for your website’s conversion metrics. It gives webmasters a single place to go to and see this information without using the Pagespeed tools. In addition, this report gives historical data on improvements or possible problems as they get worse which will be great in preventing anything from hurting your site’s ranking.

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