New Randomized Polling for Google Map App Users

Google revealed on June 11, 2015 that a new randomized poll will appear on the Google Maps app when viewing a familiar Google Place listing. Using a simple Google+ post, they revealed that these polls will occur as a simple yes or no question of “useful details to better help you decide where to go.”

Whether searching for restaurant, concert venue, store, or somewhere to buy your daily cup of Joe, if you’re using the Google Map app a simple poll ( or “riddle”) may pop up with questions such as:

  • Is this place good for groups?
  • Is this place popular for dinner?

Take a look at the format here:










Though information is limited on this recent update, it’s clear that this change is yet another attempt by Google to focus on customer service, consumer targeting, and SEO in the hopes of increasing the usability and efficiency of its Map app. We expect Google to use this information in the “people talk about” snippets, the blurbs in the “snack pack” results, and in the knowledge graph to add an additional element of user recommendation and testimonial. With Google taking a hefty 87% share of the U.S. global search market, their decision to focus testing on their mobile products is an insightful one. Many additional mobile tests are expected so look out for more changes in the future.

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