New Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors Released

SearchEngineLand has been releasing and updating an “SEO Periodic Table” for the past several years. The periodic table organizes all of the “elements” of SEO that must be hit to have success with search engine optimization. The periodic table is a helpful resource for people that are new to SEO. Similar SEO strategies are organized together; for example, all of the off page elements are in one family together, while on-page elements are in their own separate family. The handy table also places measurements on each element that signifies the level of importance for that element. For example, while quality of content is ranked highly at + 3, your number of back links is at a lower rank of importance at +1. This year’s table introduces new elements including Vertical Search, Direct Answers, and HTTPS. See the chart below and find a PDF download at SearchEngineLand.


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