Did Google Launch another Panda Update?

Rumor has it that Google launched another version of the Panda Update, late last Friday, August 8, 2014. However, when asked about it, Google refused to address any questions related to the suspected release of another Spam Filter.

Webmasters, using Google Analytics and other tracking devices, have posted reports that show some sites have been impacted by this unconfirmed update:


When you look at this graph, you can see a huge jump in traffic over the course of three and a half weeks; this site went from 400 visitors per day at the start of July, went down throughout the next few weeks, and all of a sudden on August One webmaster said that this was the second largest spike he has seen in 2014; the only more prominent spike came in May 17, 2014, after the PayDay Loan 2 was released.

Another webmaster said that he was hit by an unconfirmed update in January, and has since recovered from that hit this past Friday, August 8 2014:


As you can see, in January, this site too a huge hit from a Google Update, and because of that hit, their traffic plummeted. The site never made a recovery, as you can see, they traffic plateaued and didn’t change significantly from January through July. Then, all of a sudden on August 8, you see this huge spike in traffic.

Still, Google has refused to confirm or deny these accusations. We will keep you updated during the next few days, as we watchfully await a Google response!




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