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New on Instagram: Users Can Schedule Posts & Reels In The App

The Instagram mobile app allows users to schedule posts and reels up to 75 days in advance. With a professional account, Instagram users can utilize this new feature. Read on how you can benefit from this revolutionary change to the social media platform.

Why This is Crucial to the World of Social Media

In the past, it was impossible to schedule Instagram posts in the app. Meta Business Suite and third-party tools were previously required for users to work with the software. You only need your phone’s iOS or Android app to schedule Instagram content. There is only one caveat: you need to have a professional account. You likely have a professional Instagram account if you use Instagram for business purposes. If not, upgrading from a standard version is free and easy.

How Scheduling On Instagram Works

Instagram allows you to schedule pictures, videos, carousels, and reels up to 75 days in advance. Using the Instagram post composer, select Schedule this post under Advanced settings. Tap Schedule and choose when the content should be live. That’s it – your content is ready for publishing.

This feature may seem confusing at first. Here are some tips to help you understand. By automating your Instagram publishing, you can spend your time more effectively. At the same time, you could be out meeting clients and updating your Instagram profile. By scheduling Instagram posts, you can share more consistently during the prime engagement times. Determine when your audience is most active and regularly publish content during those times.

How This Can Improve Content for SEO Purposes

Your SEO strategy will be strengthened by being able to schedule social media posts. Here at Boston Web Marketing, we have a team of social media specialists ready and willing to help grow your online presence. Our first goal is to identify how Instagram can be beneficial to you. Whether that be by sharing stories, posts, or reels, we will determine what your target audience is hoping to achieve. Next, we decipher the activity from your Instagram followers and determine their wants and needs. We create customized content calendars to be published on your social media channels. Please continue reading to understand our primary purposes for utilizing your social media channels

Strategically Planning Posts

Posting every day can be great for specific businesses. But is it right for you? Our team will forecast and strategize how frequently you should post based on your follower’s engagement and many other factors.

Daily Maintenance

Your representative will handle posting, engaging, managing, and responding to social media daily. Specifically for Instagram, your BWM rep will schedule a content calendar to be published with the new scheduling feature. 

Engaging Measurements

Whether your social media campaign is paid or organic, it is only complete with a full analysis of the results. Your rep will provide a custom dashboard designed to highlight your growth. This will show Instagram insights as well as other forms of social media channels.

Contact Us For More Information About Scheduling on Instagram

For further information about how we can best optimize your Instagram feed, please get in touch with our team of specialists today. We are more than happy to accommodate your needs. To reach us, please call (857) 526-0096 or email today. We look forward to working with you.

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